How To Solve Your Relationship Problems, According To Marriage Counselors

Although sometimes it may not seem like it, we are rational beings. And if sometimes it does not seem like it, it is because when anger invades us, our minds become clouded, and perhaps what comes out of our mouth is not the most appropriate to solve our relationship problems.


Rather than counterattacking stronger and stronger, perhaps it is smarter to rescue our partner from his stupidity and keep a cool head. Or, if such a thing is not possible, keep the following tips in mind the next time the issue is about to get out of hand.


Marriage Counselors Recommend:

Stop And Let The Other Person Explain


Nashville marriage counselors believes it is not just about counting to ten between outbursts, but also in letting the other person explain themselves and present their version of events in the face of your accusations. This may prevent a rise in tension to the point of no return and fix the problem without raising the tone or bringing up other issues.


An Argument Cannot Be Won, Only Lost


What is the end of all couple discussion? Exchanging outbursts until one of the two gives up and, convinced, apologizes to his partner and accepts that he is right and nothing but right? Or simply make him understand that one of his behaviors has annoyed us and that he should think twice before doing something similar again in succession.


Feelings Are Not Discussed


The judicial system can be fallible at times, but the history of the law has provided human beings with a series of rational and useful tools to solve conflicts. Therefore, it may not be such a bad idea to take some of his advice and apply it to our life as a couple, focusing on the facts rather than speculation. 

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