How To Face The Marriage Relationship In The Middle Of This Chaos With Counseling?

Marriage Counseling and Your Emotions

It is clear that the situation is very complicated for everyone, that stress, anxiety, and other emotional disorders, such as depression, can appear, or become more evident. Regardless of all the problems and their nature, the most important thing is that we try to establish priorities, both materially and emotionally, and to join forces. The basic thing is that, even though the glass of external problems is full, we do not contribute to overflowing it.

Marriages Avoiding Conflict

Yes, it seems obvious, but it is not. It can help you think that this situation is temporary. Based on that, we must prioritize well-being over discussions and give in, whenever possible, before provoking a dispute that further aggravates the situation. We must understand that now, we have to be patient, unite impulses, collaborate, and work together so that, at least, our home and our partner are a space for tranquility.

Agree On An Equitable Division Of Tasks

Making it clear who is responsible for a certain obligation and the times to carry it out, and doing it fairly and fairly, will help you feel more comfortable and united and avoid possible sources of discussion in the long run.

Time And Healing of The Marriage

This moment can become an auspicious occasion to spend more time with our partner and communicate. Most of the time, our responsibilities prevent us from devoting all the attention we would like to our relationship: now we can express our concerns and rediscover ourselves and our partner, increasing trust and cooperation with our spouse.

Set aside an exclusive time to enjoy your partner, even if it is to watch a movie when the children have gone to bed, or to have a coffee and exchange impressions. Sharing a good time will release tensions and give you the strength to face each day.

Reserve Your Space

Dedicate special time to yourself, take care of yourself, relax, enjoy your solitude, whenever possible, and respect your partner's time and the need to establish spaces in which each one can dedicate themselves to their activities, or their own rest.

Be Understanding And Patient

These are difficult times when we all have ups and downs. It is important to have enough empathy to understand that our partner may have a bad day.